Platforms And Tools For Online Tutoring

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Platforms And Tools For Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has become anincreasingly popular form of learning due to the availability of digital toolsand platforms for teaching and learning. Platforms and tools for onlinetutoring provide students and tutors the opportunity to connect in virtual environmentsand overcome geographical obstacles.

This article will discuss the variousplatforms and tools that are available for online tutoring, including videoconferencing platforms, online classroom platforms, online whiteboard tools,tutoring management software, online testing and assessment platforms, andtutoring apps.

The purpose of this article is to providean overview of these platforms and tools and explain how they can be used tofacilitate the tutoring process.

Key Takeaways

            Onlinetutoring platforms and tools offer a wide range of features such as creatingand grading assessments, making it easier for tutors to assess studentprogress.

            Theseplatforms support various methods of assessment including multiple choice andessay questions, providing flexibility in evaluating student learning.

            Tutoringapplications provide enhanced access to educational content and assistance,catering to different learning needs through one-on-one tutoring, grouptutoring, and self-directed learning.

            The pricecomparison feature in tutoring apps helps users find tutoring options that fittheir budget, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to accesseducational resources.

Video ConferencingPlatforms

Video conferencing platforms have become an increasingly popular wayfor online tutors to conduct sessions with their students.

As technology progresses, these platforms are becoming moresophisticated, incorporating features such as Virtual Reality and ArtificialIntelligence to create a more immersive and interactive learning environment.

For example, Virtual Reality can be used to simulate real-worldconditions that may be difficult to replicate in an online setting, such as alaboratory or field trip.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence allows tutors to providepersonalized instruction tailored to each student's individual needs.

These advances have made video conferencing platforms an invaluabletool for online tutors, providing them with the tools they need to helpstudents learn effectively in a virtual setting.

Online ClassroomPlatforms

Online classroom platforms are a popular choice for many educators,and three of the most popular are Blackboard, Canvas, and Edmodo.

Blackboard is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range offeatures and tools for creating an online learning environment.

Canvas offers a large selection of tools and resources for creatinga virtual classroom environment.

Edmodo is a user-friendly platform that offers a wide variety offeatures and resources for creating a collaborative learning environment.

All three of these platforms offer a range of features and tools tohelp educators create an effective online learning environment.


Blackboard is a popularplatform for online tutoring that provides numerous features to facilitate theteaching and learning process. It is a virtual classroom that allows tutors tocreate virtual classrooms, post course materials, communicate with students,and assign and grade assignments and tests. With Blackboard, tutors can conductvirtual tutoring sessions with live streaming and video conferencing.

Blackboard also offers avariety of tools to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Tutors caneasily create assessments with the assessment builder feature, provide feedbackon assignments with the grade book feature, and track student performance withthe reporting feature. Additionally, Blackboard has a range of communicationtools, including chat, discussion boards, and email, that allow tutors andstudents to stay connected.




Assessment Builder

Allows tutors to easily create assessments.

Helps tutors evaluate student performance


Allows tutors to provide feedback on assignments.

Improves student learning outcomes


Allows tutors to track student performance.

Facilitates data-driven instruction


Allows tutors to communicate with students in real time.

Enhances student engagement

Discussion Boards

Allows tutors and students to post and respond to topics.

Stimulates collaboration


Allows tutors to send messages and attachments to students.

Promotes communication


Canvas is an innovative learningmanagement system that provides an array of features that facilitate teachingand learning. It offers an engaging, user-friendly platform that allows tutorsto create virtual classrooms and assign tasks.

It also provides an array ofresources to help tutors communicate with students, such as video conferencing,discussion boards, and chat systems. Canvas also allows tutors to track studentprogress, providing a better understanding of individual student needs and howthey can be best addressed.

Additionally, Canvas promotesstudent engagement by providing interactive tools that encourage collaborationand active participation. These features can help tutors create a more engaginglearning environment for their students, allowing them to better meet theirtutoring objectives.

In addition, Canvas offerstutor-specific tools, such as the ability to set up virtual office hours andindividualized tutoring sessions, as well as resources to help tutors createresources for their students.

Ultimately, Canvas is an effectiveplatform for tutors to utilize in order to create a successful online tutoringexperience.


Edmodo is an intuitive, digitallearning environment that offers an array of features designed to enhanceteaching and learning.

It provides a secure platform foronline tutoring, allowing teachers and students to communicate, collaborate,and access materials.

Edmodo's flexible schedulingfeature enables tutors to create a customized virtual tutoring schedule that istailored to the needs of their students.

Additionally, Edmodo offersparents the opportunity to stay up to date with their child's progress throughits parental involvement feature.

This feature allows parents totrack their child's progress, exchange messages with teachers, and receiveupdates about their child's assignments and activities.

Overall, Edmodo is an invaluabletool for online tutoring, as it provides an interactive and secure platform forteachers and students to communicate, collaborate, and access materials.

Online Whiteboard Tools

Online whiteboard tools provide an effective platform for onlinetutoring by fostering visual communication and collaboration. These tools allowtutors and students to collaborate in real time while allowing for the sharingof documents and other materials.

Key features of online whiteboard tools include:

            StudentMentorship: Online tutors can use whiteboards to provide personalized guidanceto their students, helping them to develop skills and understand concepts.

            TimeManagement: Whiteboards can be used to keep track of progress and ensure thatstudents are completing their tasks in a timely manner.

            CollaborativeLearning: Whiteboards allow students to collaborate on projects and learn fromeach other in a virtual environment.

            InteractiveFeatures: Online whiteboard tools come with a range of interactive features,such as drawing tools, which make it easier for tutors to explain conceptsvisually.

Overall, online whiteboard tools are a powerful tool for onlinetutoring, as they allow tutors and students to collaborate in real time whileproviding a range of interactive features for visual communication.

Tutoring ManagementSoftware

Tutoring management software provides an effective solution formanaging online tutoring sessions by enabling tutors to keep track of progressand assign tasks to students. This type of software helps to automatescheduling, create customized lesson plans, and easily track student progress,allowing tutors to better serve their students. The main features of tutoringmanagement software include:



Scheduling Automation

Automates the scheduling process, allowing tutors to quickly and easily arrange tutoring sessions

Customized Lesson Plans

Allows tutors to create customized lesson plans for their students, based on their individual needs and learning styles

Tracking Student Progress

Enables tutors to easily track and monitor their student's progress on course material

Using tutoring management software, tutors can quickly andefficiently manage their online tutoring sessions, allowing them to betterserve their students.

OnlineTesting and Assessment Platforms

Online testing and assessment platforms provide a powerful way tomeasure student performance and progress. This is particularly useful in thecontext of online tutoring as it allows tutors to quickly and accuratelyevaluate the comprehension of their students.

Remote evaluations can be conducted using such platforms, enablingtutors to assess their students' performance from any location.

Automated grading is also available on many of these platforms,allowing tutors to quickly receive results from tests and assessments withoutneeding to manually grade them.

Additionally, these platforms provide multiple methods ofassessment, such as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay questions,allowing tutors to create comprehensive evaluations of their student'sknowledge.

These platforms are also user-friendly, making it easy for tutors toset up tests and assessments quickly and efficiently.

Tutoring Apps

Recent advances in technology have enabled the development of avariety of tutoring applications, providing users with enhanced access toeducational content and assistance. These applications come in a range offorms, from free to paid, and have the potential to be used for one-on-onetutoring, group tutoring, and self-directed learning.

Someof the key features of tutoring apps include:

            Pricecomparison: Most tutoring apps provide a comparison of tutoring prices so thatusers can find a tutoring option that fits their budget.

            Remotecollaboration: Tutoring apps provide the ability to collaborate with tutorsremotely, allowing users to access tutoring services from anywhere in theworld.

            Interactivecontent: Tutoring apps provide interactive content such as videos, quizzes, andgames to enhance the learning experience.

            User-friendlyinterface: Tutoring apps are designed with a user-friendly interface to makethe tutoring experience easy and enjoyable.

            Customizedlearning plans: Tutoring apps provide personalized learning plans tailored tothe individual needs of each user.

Overall, tutoring apps provide users with an efficient andcost-effective way to access educational content and assistance. By combiningthe convenience of remote collaboration with interactive content and customizedlearning plans, tutoring apps make it easy for users to access the resourcesthey need to succeed.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What are thebest online tutoring platforms for students with learning disabilities?

Onlineresources can be tailored to meet the needs of students with learningdisabilities, such as Adaptive Learning. This type of tutoring can provideengaging, personalized instruction to help students reach their full potential.

How can I findqualified tutors to use these platforms?

Findingqualified tutors to use online tutoring platforms requires researching tutorqualifications and exploring resources to locate potential tutors. Evaluatingqualifications is key to finding the ideal fit for student needs.

What safetymeasures should I take when using online tutoring platforms?

Whenusing online tutoring platforms, it is essential to ensure safety measures aretaken. Identity verification and data encryption should be employed to protectuser data. Furthermore, it is important to research the platform's reputationand security measures. Doing so will ensure that users are safe and secure whenengaging in online tutoring.

Are there anyfree online tutoring platforms available?

Yes,there are free online tutoring platforms available. Such platforms can helpstudents manage their time more efficiently and motivate them to stay on trackwith their studies. Free online tutoring can be a great resource for thoselooking for academic support.

How secure arethe data and communications on online tutoring platforms?

Thesecurity of data and communications on online tutoring platforms is of utmostimportance. Platforms must ensure data privacy and vet tutors thoroughly toensure secure communications. These measures help to guarantee the safety andsecurity of users.


Onlinetutoring is a great way to provide students with instruction and guidance in aconvenient and cost-effective manner. Through the use of specialized platforms,software, and tools, tutors are able to deliver instruction, facilitatelearning, and assess student progress in an efficient and effective manner.

Fromvideo conferencing platforms to online whiteboard tools, and tutoring managementsoftware to online testing and assessment platforms, there is a wide range ofoptions available to meet the needs of tutors and students.

Byutilizing the right combination of platforms, software, and tools, tutors areable to create an effective and engaging online learning environment for theirstudents.

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